Wanlov The Kubolor – 2018 Gh Wrap

Wanlov The Kubolor – 2018 Gh Wrap

Wanlov The Kubolor – 2018 Gh Wrap

Ghanaian/Romanian Creative artist(e) – Wanlov The Kubolor is out with his annual Gh Wrap tape. The project houses significant happenings that occured in the antecedent year.

Check it out below

Wanlov The Kubolor – 2018 Gh Wrap
Wanlov The Kubolor – 2018 Gh Wrap
Wanlov The Kubolor – 2018 Gh Wrap


vim in gym
gigimz to gongor
kubolor Wrap Up
kwam one production
chale big up
last year i say i go drink poison if ebony lose
as she quench dier i for suck or? i make confuse
awards praise and money dey come so easy if you die
coz ghana really no wan see we enjoying wana lives
ghana government wey e kill am
no b village abusua
dey leff the sand for the same place
yen pe ade sua
one week another trotro crash for there take more souls
accident committee get dema per diems reach drone goals

ebony wu fresh
mu tswa no picture
edi tuu whatsapp
ma ye hu ni moja
o da mortuary nso
mu yii ni naked
san tswa no picture
e di ba facebook
y’gyimi ooo
y’gyimi kwa
y’gyimi ooo
y’gyimi kwa
ghana y’agyimi ooo
y’gyimi kwa
yen sua nyansa
na y’gyimi do do do

e ba ekong
e ba jee cini
baa kw3 refree
aheo bribe fee koti
Number 12
mii ji nyantakyi
e heo shika pii
ke wo polytin mi
sistay five thawa
dollars noko nice
e pocketi nana addo
e ker e ley e price
agbene a shwiay le
fifa ker no more round tins
ke e foh e dolor po
ake le ba yaa prison

Kennedy agyapong say mek dey kill anas
what an ass
hole dey the bucket mek anas no try seal am?
santaclausians all e b ken i no dey feel am
one day yeh yeh
he’ll say yeh yeh
somtin yeh yeh
inciting yeh yeh
like play yeh yeh
slapping yeh yeh
fighting yeh yeh
dying yeh yeh

greed be the root of evil
u dey search sombodi mek e deceive u
sark say e dey believe in menzgold
stonebwoy mek u dey believe in menzgold
if e b too good to be true
then maybe u no for follow am thru
kumi guitar no dey fit drive e car
becca too dey fear go e spa
namba wan play we all better spar
dry 3 6 go south africa
baby jet e one million go ka
no b local currency oh dollar
akufu addo imam asantehene colla
so dey no get no bleddy time for yor borla

anywer u dey i go point u oh
my annointed teef julor kwakwe oh
explain ah u say good is good oh times three
i go mention yor name to the whole wide world
e b u teef the moni oooo
u be teef u be teef
wo y’ewi wo y’ewi
u be teef u be teef
wo y’ewi wo y’ewi

rain pitii small norr flood come
one junction one dam
one district one factory apuu
one cathedral for one short man
dumsor su e tite
ti se ntefere
mahama get hope
coz opana worse pass am
as sark dey marry
shatta den mitchy dey fight
den nii take go michael e top
owusu advice nii armah mek e shock
kwaw zigi say e moff like pokum
charles take e moff dey gyigyi burniton
he sain talk say ghana be village
dat one dier me den am dey on the same page

30 million people
55 ambulance
300 ministers
300 land cruisers
george andah crash dey airlift am
bawumiah go check up for london
moesha talk e mind for cnn
hypocrites start kpakpakpadaa like hen
the whole ghana
best artiste be gasmilla
also man like stevo
barony eno patapaa
king ayisoba
too good for your liking
big up bryte
tulenkey eddie kay
yor styles b tight
ohemaa dadao dier
the whole world
nobro dey wey e get such flair

this december dier miming shows sorr
apart from manifestivities n efya’s girls talk
stonebwoy n saminifest also force
but afrochella n detty rave dier off course
kwashay go come cross u after
yor body just go dey barb u kwa
u go forget yorself call koti
go kai u say dey b more than the teefs

oh akonta
adenti na wo ye mi nua no saa?
side chick dier bebree fa anka mia
me bisa no
min ye kakalika
etu na wo pe ah anka yeh be pompi
hard african face so anka ye be painti
men tit3 makafui o ob3 fainti
by the way wadaroma nti ni nuom ah hitti
efia odo mi sere wo paa men paba
nana aba namoah pe se mi hye mpaboa
knust faculty mek i do lamoa
legon remove ghandi statue mek i do lafoa

mu ti ta ti ta
aden mu ye trumu?

ghana government
men daada yen
our parents
bu mo ho

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